Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland Paper Pack Freebie

The recent ice storm here in WV has left everything quite frosty - including me! Winter Wonderland is a little paper pack of blues and silvers that would be perfect for scrapping snowy photos - or anything that your heart desires!

If you feel so inclined, leave comment with a link to your layout -
I'd love to see your creations! Enjoy!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Blog Challenges to begin January 1!

One of my New Years resolutions each year is to scrap more... and looking bad through my galleries, I realized that I have a scrapping cycle that goes something like this...

During January - April I am an excited, motivated scrapper. I always do pretty well for the first few months of the year - I have tons of holiday pics to scrap, and a little more free time since the weather is crummy. Once I'm finished with holiday scrapping, I usually move on to back-scrapping (scrapping older pics from the previous year that are still in my TO SCRAP "file"). It usually takes me the first couple weeks of the year to get into my groove, but after that I usually scrap several pages per week. During this time I'm my most active in the digi scrap community, normally do all of the scrapping challenges I can get my hands on, and do a pretty good job of keeping up with what's new and exciting in the digi scrap world.

From May - July I am losing some steam. As weather starts getting a little nicer, I start losing some steam and spend less time on digi scrap forums, and more time scrapping. I'm usually still participating in a few scrapping challenges - but I pick and choose instead of doing them all.

From August - October I am a scrapping loser. Normally during this time I can count on two hands how many pages I have scrapped - sad, I know. Although I tell myself every year that I will try to keep up with my scrapping so that I don't get behind, the nice weather, summer vacations, and long evenings get in the way and scrapping goes to the backburner. When (if!) I do attempt to scrap anything, it feels like I've totally lost my mojo because I haven't scrapped in so long. By this time, my TO SCRAP "pile" is just that - a pile. I keep adding to my list of pages that I want to scrap, and that's it.

By the time November and December roll around, I am so caught up in holiday ruckus that I continue my unintential scrapping strike. As the end of the year approaches (like right now!), I realize that I am WAY behind scrapping this year's memories, and next year is right around the corner!

I figure there is no better way to start out the new year than with scrapping some memories! So I've decided to host a few Blog Challenges to get some creative juices flowing. The challenges will start January 1, and will be diverse enough that anyone can participate - beginner through expert scrapper! And I even have a couple of fun give-aways planned.

Check back soon for details! :)